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Training Group Live by PSTG

Nov 9, 2022

Joel sat down with the three candidates running for Area 3 Director to have a conversation about issues within USPSA and how they plan to make a difference if elected. The candidates were sent a questions list ahead of time, but they didn’t know which of them were designated for answering each question first. At the end of the discussion, they were each asked a question specific to them that they were not allowed to prepare for.

For reference, the questions list is below:



What qualifications do you have for being an Area Director?

  • Do you feel personal shooting ability ties into being a good area director?


You were all asked to describe the current culture of USPSA for your bio’s. Knowing what you think of the current culture, how do you think you can change the culture to make it a more welcoming environment for new and current shooters?


The bans are a very hot topic. What behavior do you feel warrants a ban or suspension?

  • What guidelines do you think should be established to endure bans are made objectively and not subjective to a board members feelings towards a particular member?


What does transparency mean to you?

  • When do you feel executive session is appropriate to use?


How do you plan to bring fiscal responsibility to the USPSA organization?


If you had to pick one thing that needs to change about the organization, what would it be, and how would you plan to actually make that change a reality?


What changes, if any, have you made at your local matches that have been successful that you could implement on a bigger scale?


In regards to match staff, what plans, if any, do you have to revamp the RO program?

  • What are your feelings about the current system for compensating RO's and do you feel it is adequate?


How you feel about the rule set?

  • What changes, if any, do you feel we need to make to equipment or division rules? How often do you feel they should be made?


Why do you, or don’t you, feel it's important for the Area Director to be the Match Director at the Area match?


Blind Questions:

For Luke:

Your campaign seems to be based on creating suveys to poll the members. How do you plan to handle decision making in board meetings if you don't have the ability to have members think for you in the moment?

For Kevin:

The bans and suspensions are a very hot topic. As someone that voted in favor of the bans, what was your thought process behind voting to ban the members and how do you think it reflects on the membership?

For Scott:

Most people see you as very agreeable and not polarizing in any way. I've had several members ask me privately if you are willing to have uncomfortable conversations and go against the flow if you don't agree with something, or if you will be a go along to get along guy. How would you respond to that?